Our Products


Sun Infrared Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of products to meet your predictive/proactive maintenance needs. On the Infrared side of our product line we offer the latest FLIR Infrared cameras and accesories along with the entire line of IRISS Infrared Viewports. The FLIR cameras offer many innovative options at extremely competitive prices. IRISS viewports are compatible with any infrared camera and will help optimize your inspections while providing an extra level of safety for the inspectors. We also offer Motor Testing, Ultrasonic and Vibration Analysis Solutions. The motor analysis units are from the high quality ALL-TEST Pro line. Our Ultrasonic Systems are top of the line UE Systems models and will provide you with years of dependable service. The vibration analysis units we offer are state of the art Commtest units and when paired with CTC sensors will offer one of the best vibration analysis solutions available today.